Just watch this! 6 Steps to a better Business #2

9 December 2020

but the station of it is that we help youget clarity on where you’re going with the business what are your goals what doyou want it to be valued at what revenues do you want it to be doing so let’s take a look in a little moredetail about some of these areas once the business has got to get that spot it’snow meter for you to go and look at other businesses and that’s a entire otheraspect if you read my billionaire in qualify it’s about how to buy build andsell corporations about what to look for you know that’s alternately a differentgame for entrepreneurs to play sometimes though you’ve got to get the first onerunning first so that you can get to the second so you can get to the thirdnumberone end proficiency do you need to know where you’re going in orderto got to get yes or no so if I ask the average business person and I won’t putanyone on the spot in this room but if I was to ask the average business personshow me the goals of the business show me that you know where it’s going what’sthe vision what’s the ultimate end point of the business where are you goingwhat’s the goals for the next 90 days what are the budgets for the nextquarter five hotshots the average business on all of those questions what was myanswer be see the silence of all of you is exactly what the answer is in mostcases because most people don’t have a destination written down you know whatmost people have you know when they first started in business they were veryexcited and it was like let’s go and do this and achieve that and do all thesewonderful things now what we get to a object where most of them you know whatthey actually care about can I precisely pay the bills this week you know and that’sone of the worst things if your alone purpose is to only paying off monies then guesswhat you’re going to achieve just compensating the legislations nothing more than that so makesure you understand what it is you’re going where you’re going the destinationhow much easier you think it is but of finding the end if you have acoach sitting there with you helping you decide where you’re gonna go asking youthe right questions about getting you there that’s what coaching does is ithas someone from the outside looking in one of the funniest things I knowthere’s some husbandandwife crews here in the office when we sit with ahusbandandwife team and ask them hey what do you want out of the business andwhat do you want out of the business and the two of them demand two entirelydifferent things that by the way there’s some interestingtalks that night at home I’m sure but the moment of it is that we help you getclarity on where you’re going with the business what are your goals what do youwant it to be valued at what revenues do you want it to be doing what are theprofitability you need to be doing how many eras a week do you want to work howmany trips or what kind of holidays do you want to take each year these areimportant questions that you need to knowfor yourself and for your business by the way there’s no you’re settingbusiness goals and then personal goals one of the things we ever look for iswhat are your personal goals and let’s build a business to suit that okaysecond province of familiarity the money side of it well excuse me would it be aninteresting thing if I told you that well made very simply most people inbusiness aren’t very good at keeping a racetrack of their numbers would thatastound anybody no it wouldn’t have stand anybody the challenge though is ifyou don’t know your quantities then how we’re going to make any decisions if youdon’t know your numbers how do we actually grow the business so oftentimeswe’ve got to get beings back in charge of the money of their business becauseuntil you’re in charge of the money how do we make decisions on how we actuallywill reduce an overdraft or how much stock how much record we’ve got inthe business which armory is selling which isn’t where the highestprofitability is so we know what items to sell and what items to not reallyfocus on you know these are some of the aspects of it how are you compared toindustry benchmarks these are some real big challenges and some big questionsthat business owners need to ask how are you starting to get a point herethat maybe some business owners aren’t acting like owneds does that make senseit’s like a lot of business owners they’re acting like hires in theirown business they’re so busy doing the work in thebusiness like I was chatting with a dame merely a few weeks ago hairdresser what doyou think she does all day every day in her hairdressing business trimmed hairdoesn’t she so who’s running the business this is the simple question noone’s running the business you know she’s trimming “hairs-breadth” the working day and here’sthe real interesting point she was quite upset when we discussed this because shesaid Brett I don’t take home any more money than any of my staff they takehome about the same amount of remuneration I do Oh somewhere hang in you do the same jobas them why do you believe you deserve more simple I own the business I saidgive it you’re not playing like building owners you’re acting like a hairdresser anemployee in your business I’m gonna get you doing the business side of it aswell as the as the hairdressing surface body-build the business not just the job ofthe business then we got to look at the time area of the business so if we wantto get great productivity out of parties we need to know how to manage time yesor no guess what can’t cope time you can only organize people go doesn’tstand still there’s no such thing as season administration there’s really peoplemanagement so how do we actually get the highest productivity out of theemployees in our group basic conduct proficiencies basic managementsystems basic leader these are the things that need to happen in order forus to actually spawn the business work if we’re gonna doubled a business you gotone of two choices you either doubled the number of people you doubled theproductivity which one’s cheaper do you think productivity style cheaper isn’t itso that’s what we’ve got to look for in this field of building the business thenwe’ve got to look at the give phase you know are your clients gettingtheir commodity or service on time you know regular bringing is it happeningwell are they getting it with good customer servicebut essentials of doing it like I was with a eatery owned time a few weeks backand he’s sitting there telling me how his diners fighting and all thissort of thing and I said well hey let’s just watch and see how well the peopleare delivering or coming their concoction or service so we tried some of the foodin his diner you’ve all ascertained those Tv indicates where they secure restaurantswhat’s one of the biggest problems the cook believe that they came great food but whatare the customers reckon not enormous food you know so that elementaries of deliverywhether it’s about occasion of bringing position of services that are how it’s make we’vegot to get that nonsense happening as well once you’ve got those four neighbourhoods therenow it’s time to move to marketing why wouldn’t we move to marketing beforethat this is a really tough question for some people if you do selling beforeyou know your quantities does that make any sense no exactly what we we doing selling moreof substance that we’re not making a profit on it doesn’t make sense to do thatstuff you you

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