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    No matter what your requirements, whether you are a beginner looking to get into photography as a pastime, or you are a professional who wants a lens for a particular project, we will have a suitable lens for rent. We have a huge range of stock for you to browse and hire ranging from Arri to Cooke and Canon lenses, all our lenses are conveniently available for renting online.

    Lens For Rent

    Our Selection of Lenses for Rent

    If you are a beginner looking for a lens for rent there are a few terms you should think about before you choose.

    • Aperture: maximum aperture is stated on all lenses. It tells you how much light can get through to the sensor at its best. The smaller the aperture the more light can get through to the camera and the more you will be able to shoot in the dark.
    • Focal Length: When looking for a lens for rent you will want to think about focal length, this specifies whether the lens is a wide angle or telephoto. Wide angle lets you take in a bigger picture, such as landscapes. Telephoto lets you zoom in closer to subjects that are far away.
    • Fixed or Zoom: for most people hiring a lens zoom is the most appropriate choice, as you will get several focal lengths in the same lens. Fixed lenses are smaller and lighter and usually have better brightness than zoom lenses.

    Or, if you are an expert, looking for a lens for rent, hiring has many benefits over buying. Our lenses are thoroughly inspected and serviced before we rent them out, so you can be sure you are getting the best product. Additionally, renting a lens means you can return it once you are finished with it and dont need to worry about storing it or selling it.

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