Carl Weber’s The Family Business | Get To Know The Whole Family

9 December 2020

Hi I’m Christian Keyes. I frisk Niles Monroe on Carl Weber :’ s, The Family Business, The Family Business was originally a New York Times bestselling book by scribe Carl Weber. It was primarily shot as a movie, an amazing movie, by Tri Destined Studios With help of BET. It is now an incredible hot new support. Your favorite brand-new see my favorite new show that you can binge watch. You can fall in love with right here. On BET. All previous occurrences are on On Demand BET, and today we’re gon na move behind the scenes. Today, we’re gon na have some of your favorite references. Virtually all of your favorite attributes actually, and then we’re gon na have some brand-new people that you haven ,’ t even matched. Yet You don’t even know how important or how crucial they’re gon na be to the rest of the season and future seasons. Put your seatbelt on Today. We’re gon na have a ball. We came questions, we got dirt. We gon na dig up all the bones We’re gon na. Do it all Get ready Carl Weber ?’ s, The Family Business? This is Christian Keyes, and this is Carl Weber.’s The Family Business. Now without further ado, I haggard na innovate the mainstay the foundation of the family and the prove and The Family Business Ernie. Hudson and Valarie Pettiford, Hey Yay woohoo. Thank you guys for participating us. Today. They compensate LC Duncan and the infamous Chippy Chippy’s in the chamber of representatives. Yes, she’s in the house. I love what you have on too. Thank you. It’s very Chippy. Yes, Now for you Ernie you’ve toy a lot of very interesting and incredible attributes in your occupation Oh thanks, How does LC? Duncan? Stack up against them I adore LC? Duncan, I approximate I enjoy all the characters that I’ve been affluent enough to play. Inaudible amazing man who has sort of originated this nature that he occupies and he’s pulled this family into it. To me, it’s a bigger than life reputation, and that clears it very special. I’ve reached an important decision. It’s finally go for me to turn over the controls of leadership to a new generation, and so today I’m declare reluctantly my retirement. What about you Chippy? Yes, child, I mean Valarie. How does Chippy stack up for you? Too? Do you share any affinities? How is she different from you? Well, first of all, I am so honored to play this particular role, because I’ve always wanted to play a syndicate partner. This is a mob wife bar none. This is what this is. It, is a dream come true Thank you Carl Weber for writing this incredible character I’ve. Always had an affinity, for these kinds of? Films the robber the mafia that type? Of nonsense, You know legit by epoch and robber by night, They all think they’re doing well and doing right by their choices and stuff. Chippy is the epitome of what I belief a rabble wife is, and it is just so freeing and so mystical to play. Gotcha, Not sure it’s safe. Now There have been inquiries: Okay, Alright, One second newborn, Mrs Brewer! Thank you No thank you. I’m back. You were listed as one of the I repute, top 10 outfits at the Soul Train Awards. Yeah Come on through inaudible, 00 04 25 Come on through Come through inaudible. What do you think about the pattern on the show itself? It’s. Marvelous, I mean you have something for everyone and very specific style for each person. It’s transcend notch. I mean we’re a top notch clas with a great deal of money and we can dress any route. We dag well, satisfy, As veterans in this game. In this industry in this profession, what’s different being on the Family Business mounted for you guys Well for me, First off I’ve got to say the writing is amazing and exactly coming to work, but I’m really impressed with in all these Years I’ve been acting. I’ve been looking for a persona, good opportunities, and I’m, so appreciative that Carl Weber, Indy Brown, who is a show runner for this Amazing, register smuggler who happen to be female. Who happens to be a black wife? Well, that’s, Which is a rarity you know what I symbolize That’s, the thing I’m saying It was that it came from people of color, I’m not taking away from wherever it comes from, but I’m very happy that This assignment and be seen the diversity amongst the crew I don’t know if I can speak for everybody, but I am gon na speak for everybody. Everybody likes coming to work, Yeah yeah. I mean everyone really likes coming to work That’s the vibe. I get It’s beautiful There ,’ s smiles, Everybody’s, submissive of each other. There’s a lot of kindnes on the plan I’ve worked with Tri Destined for quite some time and what I love about them. From the first time I gratified them until now is their integrity, their feeling, their adore. It really is like a family on this set, The crew. There is loyalty and then casting these incredible actors and having Carl Weber’s incredible paroles to play and have Trey at the helm directing his butt off. I make Tri Destined the casting, which is pretty amazing to me. But when I sit at the head of the counter and I looking after I believe this could be their own families, because I’ve been give with some tribes that I’m, like Ain’t no way in the world countries. I could ever You know Yeah, But yeah. No, It takes a little sensitivity to be able to bring that element to play. Yes, Yeah, they look like my kids. They look like our boys. It’s easy to get into the believability. Acting is speculating. If I can’t believe it, then it doesn’t play, But I believe this is a family Yeah. I think there’s an unity to it that is appetizing. It’s real and it’s very special. We’re at goddamn fighting. Now your courage and the Nevada character, you guys are really close. My heart, He’s an up and coming performer talented young man. Yes, he is Now. Is it Chippy’s job to show him or coach him the family business Abso tutely? It’s. My job Are you kidding me? Yes, I’ve go my boy under my wing That’s what grandmothers anticipate, but you know what I spend a lot of time with him. I’m the one that academies, the boy Grandmothers say Yeah. You know Grandpa’s. There too. You believed to be do You think you do. You guys are introducing him up in the family way. Yes, we’re molding him. He’s, the future Yeah, he’s, the future. Okay, okay, I’ve been looking at this jaunt and it’s only gon na be three weeks, and maybe I could go to the Hamptons subsequentlies, Mexico, You wan na, go camping in Mexico. Yeah. Well, look! First of all. I hope that this show , is not merely for me but for Carl Weber, BET Tri Destined Studios, has seven seasons a duet spinoffs, I wan na say “weve been” feel very blessed to have you an integrated part of The Family Business as well. Oh Thank you. I was informed that. We desire him. Yes, it’s, true, even though it’s still weird that you’re not playing my lad, but that’s, okay. I know You’ve been my mummy in three movies, Three movies, but yeah. I bet y 39. All can’t appoint them at home, Tweet me and let me know, Tweet him. Welcome back to The Family, Business Carl Weber ,’ s, The Family Business, I am joined by Javicia, Leslie and Arrington Foster They comedy Rio and Paris and they are always starting some. You know what we’re going to get into these personas. Welcome. Thank you. Thank you. Oh man, that was such a good. At the same time, We’re still twining. I adore it. I enjoy it. You guys have a great synergy: a collective intensity that’s; astonishing, It’s on camera and off It’s great, giving and clearly two great humen. I’ll tell you why, whatever it is you from Arrington, I’m from Maryland. Okay, What part of Maryland are you from PG County? Exactly we’re both from PG County Message: okay, DMV all day, DMV representing You, can’t even teach that It’s just either you got it or you don’t. I like it. I like it Now your reference, Paris, lots of hashtag hot ass mess. Muches of adjectives can be used for Paris, A quantity of people, love that character. A heap of parties love to hate that persona and a lot of people “re in the middle”. Some of them would say, love you, some of them would say they wanted to choke you. I don’t, thoughts Paris would knowledge the strangle She like that. No remark, Niles is not going to comment, and neither is Christian, Tell us about Paris. You know what I’ve hear that I’ve heard that she’s a beloved or detest kind of character. However, I feel like any loathe that’s there it’s, because she does something that you probably have been thinking of doing and you’re just too scared to get it on That’s, Paris, all together, You find a lover, you want to say Something and I know this because I am not Paris in capacity whatsoever. That was one of my questions. I’m, extremely dreadful. As far as vanishing after a humankind that I require. I am almost like how School Days was not the movie, but precisely in general, when you were a young child, where I’ll collision you to tell you, I, looks just like you, You wouldn’t shoot the shot, though It’s, 2019. Almost you wouldn.’t put one up, Not Javicia, Paris would take the shot, Paris would shoot the fire, She would shoot and it would moor. You know what I convey: Okay, yeah. I considered that I get why people would first say they don’t like her, but it’s really exactly because they don’t have the guts to shoot their shoot like she does, peculiarly because she lands Every time She moors every time. Each time. Yes, she does Each time. Every time I heard you were looking for me, Yeah, I was looking to cash in that rain check of buying you that booze Hell with the drink. I’m starving. How about you time buy me an expensive dinner Episode. Four. She property Jeez, Louise, So continuing with that. We’ve seen Paris with shopping bags. We’ve seen Paris with machine guns. What exactly is the definition of her character in the Duncan family? So what I love so much about Paris is. Finally, we look a successful black female that has the money. She grew up with the money, so you get to see something that’s not common. As a thinking in Black parishes. It doesn’t mean that Black beings don’t have it. They have it. We come from an area of very successful Black beings. Pg County was the richest Black county in the United Commonwealth, So it’s just like we come from that, but it was never represented, and I love that in this show it’s a representation of Black success, Yeah and Black excellence, Black excellence. I was just about to say that Then you too picture the other side, which is the children that some from that, which is what Rio and Paris represent. We’re the children, We’re a very young, and I think that what i love about it is that we’re spoiled, but no matter what LC instilled us with the skills to be able to take care of ourself and take care of our own. I will campaign and die for my brother. I will push and die for London, which you know we have this beef. I will oppose and die for my father. You know how it works I am thinking about him, Daddy. No, you got exactly what you paid for. You get. Ta kill her. You didn’t refer me to finishing school. You communicated me to mercenary school Daddy. You missed something more than Junior and the boys. You required something. They’d, never expect Daddy. You required a secret weapon That’s exactly what you got. You get ta, kill her Dad, You’re supposed to kill, who I tell ya and when Now God dammit, you merely killed your brother, No significance how it goes and what you can say about her. You love her allegiance Now on many incidents. I’ve seen at least four or five different colours, Probably the whole rainbow. What’s with the It’s fresh! What’s behind that, because I like it, it’s different! Well, you know Rio’s that reference. That’s just different, He stands out. He’s, sporty, he’s sassy. He draws a little bit of comedy to the’Cause we’re. A very heavy, spectacular family and Rio has his dramatic moments, but he’s always going to do something different. I wouldn’t say the black sheep, but unquestionably The Reggie Yeah. We’re red today, so it’s just various kinds of one of those things where he simply does his own thing. So that’s kind of why the pigments I don’t think we’ve actually seen that on television, A attribute that every examination is just A instant A moment: It’s a vibe, Oh shit. This is LA. I need to get my “hairs-breadth” done. I need to change my whole outfit come on. Let’s go Ramon, But Rio will shoot you too. That just takes the “hairs-breadth” and makeup as well. Rashida, Carbo Ashland, But Rio will shoot someone if required in order. Oh yeah! In one of the occurrences, I have her back That’s. What I adoration is that, in the largest the time of writing of Carl Weber, is that it’s a full three dimensional character. He ain’t soft by no means He’ll journey or die. Time like his twinned, I may got one bullet left, but I’m going to save my sister. You know I study, as the bouts is everything all right, you get to see more and more seams of Rio. It’s so recreation to play When Rio saved Paris.’s life, it’s a great moment. It was great because the guy moved up talking about you ,’ re out of ammo and Rio was like pow Just a clean hit. I was getting my James Bond moment on. I was like oh Rio today, Yeah yeah. I think it was the unexpected That’s a good. Look. It’s a good regard. You know what I love about. Carl, you ,’ ll predict the write , not knowing. If you’re going to make it to the next incident, What I love is that, with the love and social media, people actually judged like damn Paris, you done messed up the chances of your brother. He is no longer able come back and it was like well. First of all, come on now they can’t get rid of me. Come on all this swag, You’re, so humble Even the hashtags like free Rio. I love that I’m, given that voice and something that We have other shows that are showcasing. The LGBT, but I think that this is a good show that’s shoeing, that in this Black family, that’s black greatnes, All different facets of references. There’s a level of backbone to that person, and he will shoot you if you get out of line and you got ta respect that Yeah, because LC taught us all Gangsta a little bit Yeah, So Miss Paris. What is up next romantically for the Paris character, You, Oh boy, Darrin, Dewitt Henson, who romps Orlando Duncan, and I have with Sean Ringgold who frisks Junior, Welcome fellas. Thank you. What’s going on What’s going on being, I’m aroused to. Have you guys I’m gon na rush straight to it? Cuz there’s a lot of questions they want to know. The answer to, I previously know the answers, but we want to get to inaudible. Orlando. Your reputation has just been given the keys to the kingdom. You are now the new CEO of Duncan Engine and the family business itself. You’ve had a lot of opportunity to interact with a lot of people. Do you have a particular one that “youve been” affection shooting vistums with Yeah? I enjoy shooting, with L C Duncan, played by Ernie Hudson Pop How in the inferno you expect to run this company. If no one can reach you in a crisis Crisis. Did I stutter Look Harris, Let’s roll out? Let these two talk Harris All right. Let’s go Look Pop. I’m sorry, But what the hell is going on, I make not only is he just a OG in the industry, but I get to learn from him every time I’m on camera with him. I get to learn something new. There’s a subtlety that happens each and every time so very similar to the character Orlando. He’s, learning and germinating. Precisely from being around his father, I like it. I, like it Ernie’s got 50 years in and I was floored He doesn’t Black, actually don’t crack Like don’t crack Nope. I desire that And beige don’t senility, Sean Ringgold. Now listen! You represent Junior Junior Duncan that’s right now. What is Junior’s role in the Duncan family Junior is the champion the enforcer You know I’ve had to really strengthened in and I have watch everybody. I have to watch my brother’s back, Paris, Make sure Mom and Dad everybody’s good. So once it’s time to put in that work, it gets real Yeah it’s. Believable, I feel like you, could hurt a couple of guys and not break a sweat Watch. Your ambiance Yeah see I’m. Sorry, I defend. I come in peace, brother. I come in peace Gotcha and that’s good. That’s good. We don’t want no smoking. We don’t want no cigarette Quick question Now. This is clearly not your first rodeo You ,’ ve, been on major establishes before How did that help you prepare for this type of role here, I believe, being on other registers rendered me the opportunity to be aware of what’s coming next liberty. So there’s a popularity that thrives. People recognize you in the street. There is a sense of responsibility and that’s, one of any issues that I learned to break down The term responsibility means in a response to my ability, which is endless, And it’s a state of come as “youre ever”. You exactly can’t stay as you are The more responsibility you have, the more that you have to prepare There’s , no such thing as having that great responsibility and not planning They say success wakes up at 4am in the morning, and it Does So it’s about training what comes next, whether it’s in Darrin ,’ s life or whether it’s in the life of Orlando? We have to prepare Gotcha. I like that Good answer. Yeah you’ve done this before, But are talking about what happened next, though hold on, while you’re giggling, I’ve got something for you because parole on the street is What happened. That Junior has a love interest coming. I believe her reputation is Sonya. Is that the character’s identify Sonya, That is her mentioned Sonya, yes played by Braille Evans. She’s. Wonderful Beautiful spirit. Excuse me, Can I talk to you for a second Sure, Shouldn’t you be in with the Duncans, but how can I help you? You can start by telling me your reputation. My name is Sonya, Pretty name for a somewhat lady. Thank you Just spectacular on screen. Our chemistry is fantastic. I love working with her Just it feels right. It’s a great match. You’re gon na realize Big Sexy come on. Oh I like this. I want to watch this show if I wasn’t on it, and if I didn’t know you didn’t know you. This is, must construe Tv. I think that’s, the dynamics of it, Even with my brother Vegas, who’s played by Michael Jai White, He’s still a part of everything that’s going on is still somebody that we look up to and still someone that is very Feared on the street as well, And not only that from a physical position of what he can do, but because of his spirit and how calculated he is And as we saw in one of the incidents, I going to see him and ask a decision that Pop has Made which disrupts him a great deal? You know what brah You’re, the head of the family. Now you do whatever you got to do to bring my brother back. You understand me, But they miss Miguel back. It has to be a trade and Pop ain.’t gon na Hey, I don’t, sacrifice a I don’t care. What Pop misses You do, what it is you ,’ ve got ta do to fetch my brother dwelling. I get that, But what about Pop’s Pop’s gon na have his own questions. Once I talk to Mom, So there’s a lot more coming, so everybody’s got ta stand aria Exactly And I don’t. Do you ever look around on initiate and say like Wow, Because of the cast the amount of talent, the group of mentions that are compiling up this shoot Yeah, we’re, surrounded by a great group of people, to work with to help tell the story that’s unfolding in front of the world Take a look at my spouse. Is she worth it Because experience? I married her and I can tell you she ain’t worth it Now. You need to ask your knowledge. Is she worth dying for Mmm mmm? Mmm? Look at you Still my knight and gleaming armor Yeah, whatever Boo baby, I exactly want to have some fun C :’ mon. I consider one of the most amazing things about it is we’re getting incredible feedback rapidly and that’s exciting? More than anything, You know when you do a toy, you get feedback immediately. This is almost happening now, whether it’s on social media, whether it’s in the super market or driving down the road in the car People are honking proceeding Yo. Orlando Is he alive. Is Rio alive, Orlando, As far as I know, he’s fine Ma, inaudible. 00. 06. 56. I know that. Look It’s Pop. He’s been shot and it’s not looking good 38 years. He’s always called me back 38 times. He’s always called me back. I knew something was wrong. I knew it. I knew it. Oh God Question And I’d, like both of you, people to weigh in on this. Why do you think parties are receiving the reveal so well and falling in love with it so fast? Well, to be honest, I believe it’s because everybody charities chocolate. Okay, I envision beings cherish this support because everybody enjoys chocolate, No Keepin 39. It real Cuz. Everyone is represented on the display and I thoughts, to see humen that are strong, rational and empowering and potent and protective. I think that’s, what we need in our society, that the men go out and get the work done And we have within Javicia’s character, a woman who can be silent and deadly. At the same time, Danny watch out Danny watch out Go, go, go inaudible. 00. 08. 41. Where are you Go? Go, get, go back, Okay! Well, you are well aware And then also And then we’ve got Big Sexy And the fashion and the cars and we’ve got Big Sexy over here. So you know they gon na tune in for that, as well as the writing and Carl Weber registered out on this. As far as groups together circumstances that you that be brought to an end being tack biters And you’re like Wait. What’s next I’ve got ta wait til next Tuesday. I’m offended at the end of every incident that I’ve got. Ta wait another week. Welcome to Carl Weber.’s. The Family Business With me now are Miguel, A Nunez Jr and Ms Tami Roman, who participate London and Harris welcome. Thank you. Welcome welcome. Thank you, Christian, How you guys do I’m blest somebody Ordained and most favored. You guys ogle astounding! Thank you. I investigate the lettuce and the lettuce That’s successful. Well, you know that’s, how we do That’s, my beautiful partner, Okay, okay, Real quick! I livid na talk about one of your favorite texts of mine personally And I know a lot of beings re tweeted it and was talking about it. Before there was a Paris there was a London Mommy, Paris, inaudible gun. Before there was a Paris there was London. Let’s go Hey, get into it now. What is that Process? It Character where Oh yeah, I got it, But I want you to elaborate on that for the tribes at home, who might not have got it Well, I meditate, as I frisk London, Paris is my younger sister, So she doesn’t understand that every road that She’s trying to travel. I’ve already done it. You know what I symbolize And I was good at it. So you got big-hearted shoes to follow, But London is at a region in her life where she’s. Trying to I don’t know run away from her past and be something different, But she’s incessantly searching in the reflect and the reflection is Hey don’t, you remember me, So she’s being dragged in because she’s a Duncan, but She would like to let it go and move on Got you Now in this dynamic between Harris and London in the establish there’s an element of family violence. Physical abuse Is that something that we’re continue to see Calm down? Okay, Calm down; Mommy! Yes, Are you okay? I am Yeah Momma okay, So we weren’t going to go all into this, And now you all trying to Listen Ike. First of all, this is almost don’t get all balled up on the establish, But no is that something because that’s, a very relevant topic, Is that something the show’s going to continue to address and deal with Speak on it. Well, I think we’d be remiss if we didn’t address it, because it is happening in today ,’ s, civilization. A pile of women are going through this type of situation and trying to figure out how to deal with it. Now Miguel is luckily time representing a character. Don’t be remembered that you all Yeah don’t hate him so much. You know Precisely a little And we have to bring to life what Carl Weber did so fabulously, which that was an element in the book. So we have to make it crosstalk: 00, 02. 37. The real issues of life basically And Andy Brown is one of the executive producers and tried studio merely And reveal smuggler And indicate athlete. She came up with We’re going to start calling some domestic corruption. Protects so we can come at it from a healing station and merely not entertainment, Because, like you said this is an issue that’s out there All right now Harris in regards to the Harris character, because he has so much going on The family attorney. You tried to or reviewed abut, killing L C Duncan and he eventually kills his own father Sal Dash. When I came in here they told me I had to make a choice. You know the funny thing. Is you attained that for me a long time ago? How does it feel to be the JR Ewing of their own families? Well, every successful TV show our streak has parts and they affection, they dislike their whole. The this and this has all of those ingredients And I exactly happen to be one part of that element And that is a really fine line to play to be the advocate for a powerful family and, at the same time he I don’t know if The beings went that he was my father A slew. People went that he was my father, So I was just in a really bad situation and I weighed the options. First of all, if you saw how nervous I was in that car, You were sweating bullets. I recalled I was going to die And I’ve heard a lot of parties. They really loved that situation because they said I felt it And everybody’s, Carl Weber ,’ s. Writing is so brilliant. Everybody’s just I was just waiting for him to turn around and blow you apart. I pondered the move was going to turn around And everybody It’s, precisely the writing and intensity of the moment, But to play that various kinds of a It.’s. A really fine line, because I mean I got my wife. I get this one, this surface and Sal Dash. It was either “peoples lives” or L C’s. So I must be given to stimulate that hand-picked and I make I elect the right. I believed to be did because let’s was apparent. Okay, The Duncan’s are an affluent prominent African American family that mean business in a real way. So why wouldn’t he want to be a part of that. But here again you’re analogy. The JR in the building, You know we’re, trying to live up to the demo, the Dallas and the Falcon Crest and the Knots Landing where crosstalk 00. 04 48. You’re going to have beings that you love beings that you don’t like, but it all collectively works together and that’s why the family business is, And it’s weird for me because my part life, Oh, we adore the drama mortal. We love you There’s, affection crosstalk, 00. 04. 59. I will never in my life. Had them detesting me like this And at first I had a problem with it, because my mummy be like Why you have to play that persona And I’m like Well. Everybody is, And then Carl talked to me. He was like Man. Listen to me. Every show get that So I’m adopt it and I’m having fun with it. What was it like? Working with Armand Assante? Absolutely amazing. He’s done so many amazing, wonderful programmes, I adoration him in Gotti And to work with somebody as splendid. As he is, it forms you better And time to be on the established with him. I symbolize he’s, an incredible actor and I actually enjoyed it Yeah. He was really intense when I is cooperating with him as well, And it was incredible. I personally enjoyed it where reference is cracked, you upside your top with that glass. I “know what youre doing”. I heard that Yeah. It was just joy in my soul, But regardless I must be given to generating that proportion up, though It was one of my favorite roles. Okay, You have to eliminate Orlando. No, Oh, I’ll settle for the warhead. When I trim the scarf of serpent And for the last time I’ll see who’s the king of this not over on crosstalk 00. 06. 00, But that shit hurts You took it like a champ. It really hurt, though It really did, But you know you’re, unusually method. That direction You probably missed him to crack you in your leader That’s. What I did If they ever prove you a flub spool. You’ll see how much I wanted it and then, after the fracture, how much I didn’t want it Yeah, I know Now we have a husband and wife super team, Emilio Rivera and let me make sure I get this right. Yadi Valerio Rivera Right on brother, Perfect. Yes, I get a heighten or something You got it perfect. This is amazing What’s it like! First of all, this is for me, forget them at home. For a second Love you all, I signify it. What’s it like playing husband and wife on TV and being husband and wife in real life, because your character Alejandro, is married to Consuela. You know it’s good, because at home we get to study with each other, Give each other mentions. So when we get to work, we’re ready to work. You delve And I exactly try to make it easy for everyone, But this is good get to play, something that we’re not at home When we’re at home. I’m more like kick back kind of law standing citizens and over here we’re , not So it’s cool humanity Without stepping on each other’s toes Giving each other the freedom to just go to work. You do you. I do me Really get our position done And only be happy for each other Be happy for each other yeah That’s amazing. Now your attribute, Consuela. I feel like she’s, supposes that there’s a little more going on. As far as your son’s death, Is that correct Her mother instinct? Yes, It’s time that we take our avenge Spanish. What are you asking me to do? Cast a subject to their death because of a rumor. I am asking you to be the three men that my lad looked up to. I am asking you to be the man that I married Alejandro Zuniga, a boy that horror no one. In episode. Four, she was leaning on Alejandro’s back a little bit about his lack of work. Well, that’s a mother, I’m going to be a mother, puppy Yeah. I’m obviously suspicious and I’m going to defend my son’s. Honor and my newborn crosstalk, You think there’s going to be some conflicting of families in the future. You trust, Well, I don’t know, But the Duncan’s better watch out. All I can say is just that was my baby and I am going to make sure I find out what happened to my son Mama bear don’t mess around man, you know Wow And me I’m more. The ferocious gentleman where I got to keep this organization moving by retaining a tier premier You merely can’t jump into stuff because then you can exactly shambles everything up Right, But you know you got to listen to the wife very. She’s, propagandizing me a little bit. Are there any similarities in the dynamics of the Tv, husband and wife couple and the real life husband and wife couple? You know boy Without getting yourself in misfortune. You know what I learned late in life, that a joyou spouse, joyful life, and you know what it drives. Man. It really does. Oh yeah, I’m cool In our house. He’s the king and he’ll get considered like the prince as long as the queen is always happy And she’s, ever happy. You all heard that at home We are glad to have you both as part of our household, on The Family Business. Thank you. I’m here with Carlos Sotelo and Franky G. You dally Juan and you play Miguel Welcome Glad you guys are here. Thank you. Thank you for having us The Miguel character was your first important roles. What does that feel? Like man? It was a huge blessing In disguise, but it was a blessing and the opportunity came up and I took it. I said yes and I ranged with it Now. This is a car. You sure have good taste Why don’t you get inside feel how to leather hug. You You’re kidding me privilege Get in. I predict you’ve never suffered anything like it All right. She looks good on you. How would you like to own this baby? You’re , not serious right Good And I’m happy for you. Congratulations. You did a darn good position. Franky you play Juan Now your character, hasn’t been established, yet No, They gone get to know you in occurrence. Five, Oh yeah, Which comes on January, 8th Right, 9, 8. Central only on BET, But Juan, is in an interesting place. Your person has ties to and patriotisms to, the Duncan family and the Zunega family. Correct, Yes, Tell me about it. Well, it’s tough, Because I’m loyal to both of them. But when it comes down to business, business is business And when you step into my business to our business, then you have to deal with it and deal with me. 500, 000 Wholesale or retail, That’s the wholesale price, Your retail is in the neighborhood of 2 million. Think of this as a gift from the Duncans To an old-fashioned friend What’s the catch. I’ve known, L C for many years. He’s an honest and fair businessman, but I’ve never known him to give away anything else for free, No catch Juan it’s changing terms Now. I will say this A mas of you guys. They were sad to see the Miguel character depart. I will vouch for Tri Destined and BET you depict you and do your job. They’ll find something else for you. So don’t sweat it. You died like a champ. Whoever Paris objective up with after you, I’m, pretty sure he’s. Gon na be hell of a guy, I sure went out with a thud. Didn’t I Yes, yes, you did go out with a blow. Welcome back to Carl Weber ,’ s, The Family Business. Now we’ve interviewed and pioneered lots of amazing people. We was a lot of catches for you guys, Starting with Ms Kj Smith and Mr Jaylen Moore Now Kj continues Sasha and you play Manny correct, Correct. Okay. Now we don’t know a whole lot about Sasha. Yet, but can you afford us anything? Can you tell us in on something I can give you crosstalk talk about Sasha. I can give you a little bit. Okay Like this much Okay, simply Merely I can’t. I am an international hitwoman. All privilege. I’ve been away training for several years. Just getting better and better at what I do. I come into the picture and I shake things up a little bit Assignment completed. We’re gon na need a clean up crew, Good , nothing wrong with a little shaking Shaking’s, good, A little shimmy Shake and a yeah. Oh, she shakes all right A little razzle astonish. Excuse me: Oh wait. A second Sasha shakes, I didn’t, say Kj shakes, Oh okay, Sasha Sasha, Do you know something I don’t Or Maybe Message Tell us about. Tell us about Manny Blame it on Carl Weber. Blame it on Carl. Tell us about Manny, Give us a little Manny aka Manuel Zunega Manny is well let’s see Sasha and Manny went to school together. Some may call it Spy school Assassin academy. Others may call it like Quantico. I don’t know It all depends on how you want to see it Right. So she’s a bit of a badass Manny’s , not too bad himself. Thank you Manny, And we have a big history together that things will undo in the season. Hubbub like some heat Manny likes to do things his direction His way or the freeway, which Sasha adoration. I repute, And it conducts us through a entire escapade that reveals with a lot of sweeping of pedigrees. We should say: Okay, Okay, that’s telling a good deal without telling too much Exactly man. You did good right there, You’ve done this before That was very good. All well and good, All title! That’s! It thanks for meeting us. What We can’t throw y 39. All all the secrets we’ve got to save some for the forthcoming episodes Y 39, all being avariciou Before we go. I want to thank Maurine Connie and Scott And Marisa Courtney and John And recollect Tuesday, lights 9. 8 Central watch Carl Weber ,’ s The Family Business. Exclusively on BET Did we get onto. Yes, singing.

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